Welcome to the Department of Chemistry


Creation of the Department

 The Department of Chemistry, Federal University of Technology was established in 1984 and belong to the School of Science and Science Education. Presently, the Department of Chemistry is under the School of Physical Sciences. The department is blessed with competent academic staff/scholars in different areas of chemistry and Laboratory Technologists to enable students achieve their aim. The Department of Chemistry offers courses leading to the award of B.Tech. Chemistry with Polymer and B.Tech. Industrial Chemistry degrees at undergraduate level. Apart from the undergraduate programme, the department also runs postgraduate degree programmes leading to the award of Masters of Technology and Doctor of Philosophy in Analytical Chemistry respectively. The undergraduate programme which takes five years to complete is designed to expose students to the main areas of Chemistry and to emphasise the relationship between the subject and other applied science areas with a view that upon graduation, students would have acquired enough knowledge and skill to be able to function as practicing chemists. The objective therefore is to assist prospective students with interest in applied chemistry to meet their career ambitions. While the postgraduate programme especially master’s degree encompasses course work and research whereas doctoral degree programme is purely research. The normal duration for the master’s degree programme on full-time basis is minimum of six semesters (three academic sessions) and maximum of six semesters (five academic sessions). The time frame for PhD programme is minimum of 6 semesters and maximum of 10 on full time basis. While on Part-time basis, the minimum time frame to complete the programme is 10 semesters and 14 semesters as maximum.