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Welcome to the Department of Geography


The Department of Geography started as one of the pioneer departments in the University in 1983.  The degree awarding options in the department: Meteorology (MET), Remote Sensing Applications (REM) and Urban and Regional Planning (URP) were introduced in 1985.  After graduating two (2) sets of students, the URP option was made a fully fledged department in the School of Environmental Technology in 1990.  Currently, the URP Department boasts of lecturers who obtained PhD and Masters Degree from the Department. Post-graduate programmes in Meteorology and Remote Sensing Applications were introduced in 1992.  A Post Graduate Diploma and Masters of Technology in Environmental Management programme were also introduced in 2005.  The department has been graduating Ph.D’s since 1996. The number of academic staff has grown steadily from 5 in 1986 to 19 full time Departmental staff.


The vision is to become a reputable department that provides high quality teaching and research using state-of-the-art technologies including Information and Communication Technology (ICT) at higher level on the Science of Geography, Meteorology, Remote Sensing Application and Environmental Management.


The mission is to provide world class training on the use of Geography, Meteorology, Remote Sensing Application and Environmental Management, in order to solve environmental problems, as well as uplift the University’s image both nationally and internationally, as a Centre of Excellence in training of qualified personnel at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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