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Welcome to the Department of Geology

The Department of Geology offers a five-year degree program leading to the award of a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Geology. Geology can be defined as the study of the earth; the processes that have taken place in the past and the current ones that continuously modify its surface. It also covers the study of the Earth’s crust, composition, structure, resources such as iron ore, tin ore, coal, groundwater, gemstones, petroleum and their exploration and exploitation. Geological knowledge and principles are employed in Civil Engineering Constructions, Environmental Monitoring, Health management and in Agriculture. Geology applies the principles of Physics, Chemistry and Biology in explaining natural phenomenon. The students who intend to study Geology should have a thorough knowledge of these subjects.
The Department of Geology started in 1984 at the inception of the University as one of the departments in the then School of Science and Science Education. The department was started to position the University to be relevant in harnessing geological resources within its immediate environment, the nation and the world at large. The degree program is designed to give the student a broad background in the basic sciences in the first two years. The students are taught the principles of geology in their 200 and 300 levels. Applied Geology is emphasized in 400 and 500 levels. Fieldwork is carried out at every level. Prospective Geology students should be physically fit to accommodate the rigours of fieldwork in addition to satisfying the University Entry Requirements. Any student who intends to study geology must possess a Geological Hammer, a Compass Clinometer, a Hand lens of 10x magnifications and a Global Positioning System (GPS) during his or her stay in the Department of Geology of different societal developmental problems, and to involve them in an intellectually stimulating and satisfying experience of learning and studying.

To be a center of excellence of international repute in the teaching, learning and research in the area of Geosciences.


The mission of the Department of Geology is to serve humanity by:

  1. Providing high-quality training and research in Geosciences.
  2. Rendering services that will promote exploration, exploitation and development of earth resources for wealth creation.
  3. Rendering services to solve problems created by natural hazards and human use of the environment.
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