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The Department of Biochemistry was established in 2004 and runs a five - years course programme covering all aspects of Biochemistry leading to the award of Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) in Biochemistry. The first two years of the programme is spent studying Basic Sciences and a few liberal arts in order to provide sound knowledge of the basic scientific information and its relationship to the society. In the last three years, the student applies the scientific knowledge acquired in an increasing complexity to biochemical processes. The entire programme is flexibly structured to accommodate students with physical sciences’ background and aptitude who are interested in various aspects of our programme. The degree structure and course contents are based on NUC requirements of the Basic Minimum Academic Standard (BMAS).

Biochemistry for national development and general well-being of mankind.

To become a Centre of Excellence, recognized nationally and internationally for its teaching and research with emphasis on applied aspects of biochemistry in relation to Medicine, Pharmacy, Parasitology and Agriculture.

To provide an environment conducive for the training of Biochemists with sufficient expertise to serve in relevant areas of the national economy such as biotechnology, strategic research, and product development.

Aim/Objectives of the Department

To encourage the advancement of learning and scholarship in the field of Biochemistry and to extend to all manner of people, without discrimination based on race, religion, creed, sex or political conviction, the opportunity of acquiring the knowledge of Biochemistry.

i. To offer programmes in Biochemistry leading to the award of B.Tech, and higher degrees with emphasis on development and productive skills in response to national needs.
ii. To produce Biochemists who are job - creators and have assured employment opportunities.
iii. To develop new approaches to teaching, learning, and assessment that is responsive to the needs of students.
iv. To offer to the public, as a form of cooperate social responsibility, the result of training and research and to encourage the practical application of these results.
v. To create an environment that is conducive for performance by all staff.
vi. To promote collaborative research with relevant departments, industries and research institutes nationally and internationally for the benefit of mankind
vii. To undertake any other activities appropriate for a Department of Biochemistry of the highest standard.
viii. To achieve an acceptable level of self- reliance, and hold the community of students and staff accountable for the success of the department

To be a center of excellence of international repute in the teaching, learning and research in the area of Geosciences.


The mission of the Department of Geology is to serve humanity by:

  1. Providing high-quality training and research in Geosciences.
  2. Rendering services that will promote exploration, exploitation and development of earth resources for wealth creation.
  3. Rendering services to solve problems created by natural hazards and human use of the environment.
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